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           Refer to 'Our Blog' where recent arrivals i.e: New and Secondary Market

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By telephone:  On 01403 263026 on Monday- Friday between the hours of 09-.30 -17.00 HRS. 


                           An answering machine is available and we always try to return a call the same day.

                           Please quote both the title and book reference number. Payment accepted

                           by Mastercard, Visa or Maestro.



By post:           Mail Order:  Cheques- made payable to either 'Railroad Trading' or 75D Railway                                  Books' and please don't forget to include a return address!


                         Important: From the security aspect please do not quote Credit/Debit card                                            details in postal correspondence and do not send cash!    



At an exhibition: For a list of exhibitions we attend please click on: 'Exhibitions' where we are

                             able to accept payment by Credit/Debit card, cheque- with ID-  and of course                                          good old fashioned cash! 


                             Additionally, (and only available at exhibitions) there are normally a number of items                                on special offer. 


General:          E-mail correspondence. Please restrict to general enquiries only i.e availability and                            again from the security aspect, please do NOT quote Credit/Debit card details.

          If a title is not listed then please ask and we would try our best to source a copy.  



Book Tokens:  Please note that we are unable to accept Book Tokens and for a list of

                         participating outlets visit: 



Availability and Pricing:  All items are subject to availability and prices/details etc are subject to                                                     change without notice




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