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Updated 29/03/20

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Railroad Trading /75D Railway Books specialise in current and out-of-print books mainly about railways plus DVDs mainly covering the steam /diesel transition period-to-date in both the US  and UK.



Our business commenced in 1999 after (thankfully) managing to escape from the every- day grind. The initial reaction was to do something 'constructive' which started by going through all the railway books in the collection which included several titles on the same subject. The decision was then made to keep the best and sell the rest and after booking a stand at a local exhibition and selling most of them, we have not looked back.


At that point in time, thought was given to leasing retail premises. However, in an area where (metaphorically speaking) even at 1999 prices a dog kennel would have cost circa £90K that idea was soon discounted.


Subsequently,  the decision was made to concentrate on exhibition work, mail order and internet sales which continues to this day.


Railroad Trading

The name under which we specialise mainly in North American Railway books, magazines and DVDs including an ever-changing selection of Steam Powered Video merchandise.  


75D Railway Books

The name under which we specialise mainly in new and out-of-print books about  British railways and to a lesser extent, other forms of transport. 75D was the shed code for Horsham in BR Steam Days





General information


We offer a mail order service and welcome enquiries by 'phone, post or e-mail.  Mastercard and Visa are accepted. Alternatively, why not visit our stand at any of the exhibitions attended- mainly throughout the South East.



We normally work within an area eastwards from (say) Dover/ Folkestone, westwards to the Sussex / Hampshire border and northwards as far as Reading in order to keep costs under control. The only exception was the NEC  which  we attended until November 2019 but subsequently decided against this because although returns were reasoanble, overall costs were rising at  an even greater rate.  


At each exhibition there are normally a selection of books on special offer which are clearly marked 'Exhibition Price Only' and it must be emphasised that these particular prices only apply at exhibitions.


For a comprehensive list of exhibitions nationwide it is recommended that one visits:







Our home is a thriving market town with, at the last count, at least 25 coffee houses (or businesses providing the facility) and over 27 restaurants and the number is ever- increasing. In both 2006 and 2012 Horsham was listed as one of the top 6 places to live in the UK.  Additionally, during the year the town has a full calendar of events each month which caters for most tastes and for details visit:: 


Two special events (both past and present) of particular interest are:

Past: At Easter time, one could not afford to miss the popular Italian weekend billed as Piazza Italia which was a two day car fest with countless supercars i.e: Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Maseratis. McClarens, plus 'Italian Job' minis i.e. Classic Minis and the BMW variants plus much much more.... and when the weather's fine, the event normally attracted about 100,000 visitors from all over the country. This was last held in  2019 with the reasons for its discontinuance being that 'many of the commercial and volunteer partners that had made up so much of the content of the event were no longer available' ...... For further details visit:


Present: However, all is not lost because on the last Sunday in September one could not afford to miss Horsham AMERI-CAR-NA complete with scores of Harley Davidsons, Mustangs, Muscle Cars, Hot Rods plus Nascar- never stand downwind when they start-up! - and much more.  Attracts about 40,000 plus visitors. For details visit:



And not forgetting....


Horsham Rail History

Regular train services and about an hour's travelling time to and from London Victoria.  


Although once the junction of lines to both Guildford and Shoreham which closed in 1965 and 1966 respectively, there is still a strong rail presence locally.  Unlike many locations, the goods yard is more or less intact and these days is used for the storage and maintenance of Windhoff MPVs, Tamping machines, Network Rail Stoneblowers plus other permanent way equipment. 


The yard has also been extended to accommodate facilities for the new Thameslink Class 700 trains which are now in regular service.


Locally based Industrial Designers Messrs Wilkes and Ashmore were involved at the design stage with Brush Type 4 (latterly Class 47), Hymek and Brush 'Falcon' locomotives plus other BR projects. 



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