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Recent arrivals: i.e. New and Secondary Market titles are now listed on this page


NB:  All in good condition, pages clean and unmarked (unless stated otherwise), subject to availability and postage & packing chargeable at cost i.e: what it costs us initially


Updated 16/06/19


Advance copy of our forthcoming advertisement for inclusion in the JULY editions British Railways Illustrated and Bylines is below.


Note: If there is anything you require please let us know a.s.a.p. because all items are subject to availability....


Updated 15 /06/19


Albeit rather late due to work and other commitments: A selection of images taken at the Horsham 'Piazza Italia' event over the Easter weekend.


Most cars would already be well- known to petrolheads but a few in particular are worthy of mention:


Image No.1- just coming into view on the left-hand side is a green with white roof Morris Mini Cooper S Mk 2 circa 1969/70- one in good condition would these days attract a price tag of £45,000.... or more!


Image Nos. 4 & 5 - in addition to the Porsche 918 Spyder shown in the latter, they both give some indication of the crowds which, according to official figures totalled over 70,000 visitors on the Bank Holiday Monday!


Image No.7. Foreground: Pagani Zonda. Middleground: Porsche 918 Spyder. Distance: LaFerrari- one of only 500 built. Total value of all three circa £4.6M!  


Image No. 9. Pagani Zonda and others heading home in the late afternoon






Updated 25/04/19

Copy of our advertisement for inclusion in the MAY editions of British Railways Illustrated and Bylines is shown below.


If there is anything you require please let us know a.s.a.p. because all items are subject to availability:




Updated 17/04/19


Just a reminder that the ever-popular 'Piazza Italia' returns to Horsham this weekend on Friday 19th and Monday 22nd April.


The event attracts probably one of the largest gatherings in the UK of supercars ranging from Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Maseratis, McClaren's - past visitors have included a La Ferrari, Porsche 918 Spyder and Bugatti Veyron! These along with a display of Proper Minis and the BMW variants, a large Italian market, street entertainment and much more are all complemented by a wide selection of restaurants and coffee houses etc.


The event normally attracts (weather permitting) thousands of visitors from all over the UK and for further details visit:


Below is a selection of images taken on previous occasions:





Updated 05/03/19



Secondary market titles


Recent arrivals include...



Abbotsbury Branch. Wild Swan. 1994. Author: Jackson. Hardback. Portrait format. 199 pages. Timetables. B&W illustrations  Price: £37.95  SOLD 


British Carriage & Wagon Builders & Repairers 1830-2006. Lightmoor. Author: Sambrook. 2007. Portrait format. 200 pages. B&W illustrations  Price: £21.95    


Didcot Enginemen. Wild Swan. Author: Barlow. 1994. Minimal wear to top of dust cover but nothing onerous. Hardback. Portrait format. 264 pages.B&W illustrations  Price: £21.95


Great Western Steam Railmotors and their Services. Wild Swan. 2004. Author: Lewis. Minimal wear to top/rear edges of dust cover but nothing onerous. Hardback. Portrait format. 308 pages. B&W illustrations. Constructional drawings. Timetables etc  Price: £35.95


Isle of Wight Railways Remembered. OPC. Author: Paye. 1984. Two minor horizontal score marks on r/h side of front cover - nothing onerous. Hardback. Portrait format.128 pages. B&W illustrations  Price: £6.95 


Lambourn Branch. Wild Swan. 1984. Authors: Robertson/Simmonds. Hardback. Minimal wear on back of dust cover but nothing onerous.Price label on inside 'clipped' - present? Portrait format. 164 pages.B&W illustrations. Track diagrams Price: £15.95


Private Owner Wagons from the Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Company Ltd. 1981. Author: Montague. Minor wear to top r/h of dust cover but nothing onerous. Portrait format. 182 pages. 655 wagon liveries portrayed. B&W illustrations Price: £14.95  


RCTS: BR Standard Steam. Vol 1. Background and Standardisation and the Pacific Classes. 2007. Price: £17.95. Vol 2. The 4-6-0 and 2-6-0 Classes. 2012 Price: £25.95. Vol 3. The Tank Engine Classes. 2007. Price: £15.95. Vol 4. The 9F 2-10-0 Class. 2008. Price: £21.95. Vol 5. The End of an Era. 2012 Price: £24.95.

Stanier Pacifics, Princess Royals, The Turbomotive and the Coronations. 2017.Minor wear to top corner of cover but nothing onerous  Price: £24.95  SOLD


Severn & Wye Railway, Forest of Dean. Wild Swan. Vol. 4 Authors: Pope & Karau. Minimal wear to top of dust cover but nothing onerous. Portrait format. 175 pages. B&W illustrations. Maps. Track diagrams  Price: £27.95




Updated 22/01/19


New arrival to stock:


Col M H Cobb's : The Railways of Great Britain. 

                              A Historical Atlas

                             3rd Edition 2015


      This two -volume atlas provides an accurate and fascinating insight into the railway lines

        of Great Britain between 1807 and 1994- source:


        ***  In (virtually) as new condition plus addendum ***


                                    If new: RRP £420.00






                *** Save over £40.00 off RRP ***



    ***Our price: £379.95 ... and (as we are not on a particular low- budget

                                                                       BBC TV programme) no 'Best Price' scams


Weight: The weight is far in excess of our scales i.e 30KG (or 12+ lbs in proper British                                  measurement) and therefore ...  

                                     - too heavy for Royal Mail. We would  also avoid using Parceforce at all costs

                                                   having had problems with them in the past. 

                                                 - Courier/Overseas: Costs (undoubtedly) prohibitive.


             ... in the circumstances, we would strongly suggest that the                                 purchaser collects from Horsham, West Sussex on a date and at a                 time agreeable to both parties





Updated 07/01/19

Over the festive break, we received a 2 x page A4 list of books for sale in an envelope bearing a Windsor area postmark dated 11/11/18- but with no name or address of the sender! If reading this blog please could they either telephone or e-mail- details above



Further to the update 03/10/19, more of the secondary market titles are as follows: 


British Carriage & Wagon Builders & Repairers 1830-2006. Lightmoor. 2007. Author: Sambrook. Hardback. Portrait format. 200 pages. A detailed listing and history of all builders/repairers. Includes many photographs and copies of company advertisements. B&W  Price: £21.95


Pearless Powell Duffryn of the South Wales Coalfield. Lightmoor. 2012. Author: Shore. One of Britain's foremost coal companies. After 1935 employed over 30,000 miners, operated over sixty collieries and produced almost 40% of the South Wales Coalfield's output. Hardback. Portrait Format. 240 pages. B&W Price: £21.95


Port Talbot Railway & Docks Company and the South Wales Mineral Railway Company. Vol 1. 1853-1907. Lightmoor. 2012. Author: Simmonds. Slight wear to top/bottom of dust cover but nothing onerous. Hardback. Portrait format. 258 pages. B&W Price: £21.95


Port Talbot Railway & Docks Company and the South Wales Mineral Railway Company. Vol 2.

1894-1971. Lightmoor. 2013. Author: Simmonds. Slight wear to top/bottom of dust cover but nothing onerous. Hardback. Portrait format. 295 pages. B&W Price: £25.95


Stratford-Upon-Avon & Midland Junction Railway. Vol 1. The years before the S&MJR 1866-1909: The Constituent Companies. Lightmoor. 2017. Author: Taylor. Hardback. Portrait format.208 pages. B&W Price: £21.95   SOLD



Updated 03/01/19


Since the previous blog, contents have been gradually added and with some time to spare at this time of year, one advantage being that it presents an ideal opportunity to get everything up- to- date.  


At the end of this blog are a section of images taken at various events:


Top: Boxing Day 2018 Horsham Carfax

Middle: Horsham AMERI-CAR-NA Sept 2018

Bottom: The Great Dorset Steam Fair Aug 2018




But first...   


Secondary market items recently added to stock include the following titles: 


Abbotsbury Branch: Wild Swan. 1994. Author: Jackson. Hardback. Portrait format.199 pages.

Track diagrams, timetables etc. B&W illustrations Price: £37.95 


Didcot Enginemen. Wild Swan. Author: Barlow. Min. wear to top of dust cover. Hardback. Portrait format. 264 pages. B&W illustrations  Price: £21.95 


Didcot, Newbury & Southampton Railway. Wild Swan. 2000. Authors: Karau/ Parsons/ Robertson. Minimal wear to bottom of spine. Hardback. Portrait format. 224 pages. Track diagrams. B&W illustrations  Price: £22.95


Forest of Dean. Wild Swan. Authors: Pope & Karau.1992/97 respectively. Vols 1&2. Hardback. Portrait format. Price: £24.95 ea


Great Western Steam Railmotors and their Services. Wild Swan. 2004. Author: Lewis. Minimal wear to both top/rear edges of dust cover. Hardback. Portrait format. 308 pages. B&W illustrations. Constructional drawings.Timetables etc Price: £35.95


Lambourn Branch. Wild Swan. 1984. Authors: Robertson/Simmonds. Minimal wear on back of dust cover. Price label on inside 'clipped'- present? Hardback. Portrait format. 164 pages. B&W illustrations. Track diagrams etc. Maps  Price: £15.95


New Radnor Branch. Wild Swan. 1992. Author: de Courtais. Softback. Portrait format. 61 pages. B&W illustrations. Track diagrams etc. Maps  Price: £9.95


Private Owner Wagons. Lightmoor. Author: Turton. Hardback. Portrait Format. Vols 1,2 &3. 2004 Price: £13.95 ea. Vol 5. 2006 Price: £17.95. Vol 6. 2007 Price: £19.95. Vol 7. 2007& Vol 9. Both 2010 Price: £17.95 ea. Vols 11&13. Both 2014. Price: £19.95 ea   Vols 1-3,6.7,9 and 13 NOW SOLD


Severn & Wye Railway. Forest of Dean. Wild Swan. Authors: Pope, How & Karau. All hardback Portrait Format. Vols 1&2 1983/85 respectively Price: £24.95 ea. Vol 4 2009 Price: £27.95 


Tanat Valley Light Railway. Wild Swan. 1990.Author: Lloyd. Softback. Portrait format.112 pages. B&W illustrations. Timetables. Outline drawings etc Price: £11.95  


Teign Valley Line. Wild Swan. 1996. Author: Kay. Slight horizontal scratch on rear of dust cover- nothing onerous.Hardback. Portrait format. 286 pages.B&W illustrations. Maps.Track diagrams. Timetables etc Price:£24.95   SOLD


Tetbury Branch. Wild Swan. 1985. Author: Randolph. Hardback Portrait format. Slight fading on dust cover. 114 pages. B&W illustrations. Track Diagrams. Timetables. Drawings etc Price: £24.95



Important: All items subject to availability. Prices quoted apply irrespective of the quantity ordered and apply to all individuals and members of all groups and organisations




Images 2018


Top: The Annual Boxing Day gathering in the Carfax (Horsham town square) which seems to grow every year and now also includes classic cars and commercials etc. 


Middle: Horsham AMERI-CAR-NA the last Sunday in September. Attracts thousands of visitors. Details at: Includes all the classics plus scores of Hot Rods, Mustangs, Harley Davidsons etc. Also present: Nascar racers- but never stand downwind because when they start-up the noise level would be almost equal to that of Formula One!  


Bottom: The Great Dorset Steam Fair last August. This was the 50th event with a possible record number of 500 steam engines from across the world including New Zealand, Canada, The Netherlands, Ireland plus hundreds more from this country.  


Boxing Day 2018



                                                                                               Horsham AMERI-CAR-NA 2018


Great Dorset Steam Fair 50th Anniversay August 2017


Updated 03/06/18


Re: Update of 30/05/18.

It was mentioned that an amount of e-mail correspondence had been lost and amongst these was one in particular regarding the purchase of 'Archive' magazine. Could the customer in question please contact us again URGENTLY 



Updated 30/05/18


Please note that we were without an e-mail connection from Monday 21 May until yesterday. In between these dates, all tried and tested means to resolve the problem were used but in the final analysis it proved necessary to contact BT -the intervening Bank Holiday Weekend did not help matters!

Although the system is now up and running a number of outgoing e-mail correspondence would appear to have been lost.  Attempts to reconstruct them are in -hand but is proving to be time-consuming.

If anyone e-mailed us during this period we would be grateful if they could contact us again with details- apologies for the extra work caused but there appears to be no other way to resolve the problem.


Updated 07/05/18                                                                                                       


Many thanks to all for the positive response in the railway press regarding copies of various periodicals. If resident in the South East we still require more copies of Great Western Journal / LMS Journal then please contact us -details above.  


Further to the blog of 29 April, having now had the opportunity to go through more of the recently acquired stock there are a number of items that might be of particular interest i.e:


Decline of Steam*

Ian Allan. 1965. Author: Gifford.

Ground-breaking photography for the era and no doubt frowned upon by the so-called 'traditionalists'. Slight wear to both top and bottom of dust jacket (not uncommon with this particular publication) and partly visible scratch mark (about 1.5 ins long) to top of right-hand side on the front. Slight discolouration (age!) but pages otherwise clean and unmarked. Landscape format. 164 pages. B&W illustrations  Price: £19.95  SOLD



Steam in Scotland. Vols 1&2 *

Ian Allan. Vol. 1 1968. Vol. 2. 1972. Authors: Anderson & Cross

Atmospheric images of Scottish Steam at work in the 50s/60s. Minimal wear to top and bottom of dust jackets but pages clean and unmarked. Landscape format. Vol.1 164 pages. Vol. 2 114 pages. B&W illustrations. In both instances: Minimal wear to edge of dust jackets. Pages clean and unmarked. Vols 1&2 Price: £32.50 ea. total £65.00. If purchased as a pair and in ONE transaction Price: £55.00                                                                                                                                                        SOLD



BR Timetables*

Passenger services. Eastern Region. June- September 1963

London (inc. suburban services), Eastern Counties, East Midlands, The North.

Medium format. Minor discolouration (age!) but pages clean and unmarked. 440 pages. Maps

                                                                                                                           Price: £15.00

Passenger Services. North Eastern England. Sept 1962-  June 1963

Medium format. Minor discolouration (age!) and two small ink stains on rear cover but pages clean and unmarked. 236 pages. Maps  Price: £15.00


Passenger Services> Southern Main Line and Suburban. Sept 1960-June 1961

Medium format. Minor discolouration (age!). SLight wear to top of frnt cover, ditto top and bottom of spine (minor tear to latter) but nothing onerous. Pages clean and unmarked. 892 pages. Maps

                                                                                                                              Price: £18.00 SOLD


Passenger Services. Western Region. June -September 1961

Medium format. Minor discolouration (age!). Slight foxing on both covers (nothing onerous) and 'vintage' sellotape across part of front cover and onto slightly worn spine. Otherwise, pages clean and unmarked. 604 pages. Maps  Price: £15.00



Railway Observer (Bound Volumes)*

1963- 1969 inclusive. Bound volumes, wine coloured boards and gilt lettering on spine. Concentrates mainly on British locomotives with extensive stock listings, withdrawals, transfers, line closures/ improvements and a vast supply of detailed information for the historian. A5 format. Pages count variable. Good overall condition. No marks or creases Price: £12.00 ea- no discount for quantity   



*Postage and packing: Chargeable at cost. Courier and Overseas ditto. 


 All items subject to availability. Prices quoted apply irrespective of the quantity ordered and apply to all individuals    and members of all groups and organisations.  



New venture...

As with any business there is a need to periodically reinvent itself to reflect market changes.

Required: Good condition boxed second-hand Bachmann and Hornby 00 gauge models from the 1990s onwards. Although locomotives are not required at the present time, please forward details of any carriages or wagons available for sale.




Updated 29/04/18


Over the past few weeks we purchased a number of medium/small collections totalling almost 550 books and magazines (547 to be precise- we had to count them!) including many copies of Model Railway Journal and some Irwell, Wild Swan and Lightmoor Press titles.


As yet, there has just not been the opportunity to list most of them on the website but we hope to have quite a number at the following events within the next few weeks i.e:


12 May  ALSRM, Rivermead, Reading

19 May  7MM NG, Littlehampton


Since the last update a number of additions have also been made to the following pages:


1). 'Out of Print/Second- Hand British Railway Books',

2). 'Magazines and Journals', and

3). 'Timetables'


... with more to follow as soon as is practically possible.



Piazza Italia 2018

Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Well, what a water- based experience that turned out to be! It rained almost continuously on both days with just the odd glimmer of sunshine for some light relief. Overall, that proved not to be a deterrent and according to the local press almost 80,000 visitors braved the conditions.


Below are a number of images taken over the two days. The first is completely untouched and the headlights of the lead vehicle clearly demonstrate what conditions were like. The other images more or less speak for themselves with comments added if considered appropriate.    






During one of the (albeit) brief periods of sunshine a rare LaFerrari arrives. Only 500 were built (Project Code 150) with the last model produced being sold at auction in the 'States for $7.5M in 2016 -all proceeds going to the National Italian American Foundation's Earthquake Relief Fund for the benefit of those affected by the earthquake in Central Italy - source: Wikipedia.


If contemplating a purchase the UK price would now be circa £2.5M! 





Amongst the line-up of classic Minis (with one exception!) the plainest example on the extreme right-hand side and partly obscured by the corner of an awning was also probably one of the most interesting- a Mk 3 Cooper S.


Only 1572 of this model were built- source: Mini Cooper Register: and remained in production until 1971 which by then only left the somewhat lacklustre Mini 1275GT available along with the more everyday models. A number of reasons were put forward as to why production of the Cooper S was discontinued. But, by looking at the photograph one reason might have been that to accelerate the process they were made to look as plain as possible by finishing in an overall colour (all previous models were two-tone) and with only a small badge on the boot lid denoting that they were a Cooper S. By looking no different to the other models in production at the time they would have doubtless lost their individuality which could have been a determining factor leading to a subsequent reduction in sales. In other words, the aforementioned process was no doubt probably orchestrated - by stealth.


Production continued, albeit it with details differences by both Innocenti in Italy and Authi Cooper in Spain until circa 1975 but that is another story. For further details visit:


Although production of the Mini Cooper (albeit it with a number of mechanical differences) recommenced under the Rover marque from 1990 until 2000, there was something rather special about the earlier models that stood them apart from the later models.





Updated 27/03/18

Agreed that there has been no updates since last July but exhibitions, work and other commitments got in the way. 


Nevertheless, between then and now content has been gradually added to the website and that continues to this day with more to come.


Enclosed below for perusal are a selection of images.

The first set, immediately at the end of this blog, were taken at the Great Dorset Steam Fair last August. 


The middle set were taken on Boxing Day which is an annual occurrence when local traction engine owners go out for a run and then park their engines in The Carfax (Horsham's main square). 


The third set (immediately below) is a reminder that this weekend sees the return of the ever-popular 'Piazza Italia' to Horsham on Friday 30 March and Monday 1 April.

Expected is probably one of the largest gatherings in the country of Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Mc Clarens and other supercars along with a display of Classic Minis and BMW Minis, a large market, music street entertainment and much more - all complimented by a wide selection of restaurants, coffee houses etc.


The event normally attracts (weather permitting) thousands of visitors from all over the UK and for further details go to: www. 


Piazza Italia 2017

Boxing Day December 2017 

 Great Dorset Steam Fair August 2017



Updated 23/07/17

With available space becoming very much at a premium, positive action proved necessary regarding the increasing number of out-of-print railway books and miscellanea in stock.  At that point, a major rethink and revised purchasing policy proved necessary with further details shown on the page titled 'Selling to Us'.


To avoid the risk of being overwhelmed, the direct consequence was the need to go through all secondary stock, reducing the price of almost 1,000 items i.e: long-standing books including many duplicates, preservation guides, stocklists, timetables, miscellanea etc and selling them at exhibitions.


That all took effect from the beginning of April onwards and remaining items should be available this weekend on 29/39 July at the Bluebell Railway Collectors Fair. For details please visit: and 'click' on 'Events'. See you there! 


Updated 22/07/17


Over the two weekends at the beginning of the month. the Mid Hants Railway held events to commemorate 50 years since the end of steam traction on the Southern. The penultimate event took place between 7-9 July which by coincidence were the same days and dates in 1967! 


Becuase of other commitments, it only proved possible to attend on Friday 7 July and credit must go to the Mid Hants for all the planning, work (and no doubt expense!) involved in making it a success.


Over that weekend, visiting locomotives of types appropriate to the era were:


35006 Class MN 4-6-2 'Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Company', 

34081 Class BB 4-6-2 '92 Squadron',

34053  Class BB 4-6-2 'Sir Keith Park', and

80078 BR Class 4 2-6-4T


along with the existing fleet including: 41312 Ivatt 2-6-2T, 76017 BR Class 4 2-6-0 and Hampshire Unit No. 1125.


In addition to normal passenger trains and to add realism, a Boat Train was recreated along with demonstration freight trains and brake van specials.


Below is a selection of photographs taken at the event and when taking into account the crowds, limited photographic locations and trying to keep out of the blistering heat (!)

many images had to be confined to nothing more than snatch shots. Nevertheless: Enjoy! 






Updated 17/06/17


Visitors to the site over the over the past few days may have noticed that the details of more US Railroading Books and DVDs have been entered. There are still almost 100 DVD titles to go and that does not include the British titles and the updating of other sections.


This all takes time and has to be fitted in with other work, home and regular commitments etc. However, the intention is to try and do a bit more several times a week before moving the website to the next level.


This coming Saturday and Sunday i.e. 24/25 June there is the increasingly popular model railway weekend at the Bluebell Railway.


We intend to be there in the Carriage and Wagon section at Horsted Keynes and on the same floor level as Bachmann and other stands. See you there.


For further details visit:  Click on 'Events'. 



Updated 24/05/17 


US Railroading books are now being listed starting with the Morning Sun titles so therefore please 'click' on the appropriate link on the left-hand side.




 Updated 13/05/17


Page 'Selling to Us' modified and therefore please 'click' on the respective link.


Also, below are some images taken over the Easter weekend during 'Piazza Italia' enjoy...




Updated 09/04/17


For the latest arrivals click on 'British Railway Books. Recent Arrivals' and folowing- on from this further titles should (hopefully) by with us by the end of next week.  


If in the Horsham area over the Easter weekend one of the major events taking place is the ever-popular and not to be missed 'Piazza Italia' on Fri 14th, Sat 15th and Mon 17th April.


100s of Ferraris, Lamborghinis and other supercars are expected along with 'Italian Job' minis, a large market, music, street entertainment and much more - all complimented by a wide selection of restaurants, coffee houses etc.


Over the three days the event normally attracts (weather permitting) about 100,000 visitors from all over the country and for further details visit:  


Images from previous events are shown below:







Updated 05/03/17


Titles sold removed from lists of 'British Railway Books'/ 'Out of Print Railway Books' and with a break in exhibition work further updating to follow including new stock plus inclusion of American Railroad Books/DVDs etc



Updated 19/12/16


For the latest additions to stock please refer to ' British Railway Books Recent Arrivals'. 

Over the festive season and when the opportunity permits, the intention is to add further and better particulars for each book and then continue with the work of building the website


Events scheduled for the first quarter of 2017 are now listed under 'Exhibitions'



In between time Compliments of the Season to all and look forward to seeing you in 2017 




Updated 02/11/16


Two new titles added to stock refer to ' British Railway Books Recent Arrivals'




Updated 26/10/16


IMPORTANT:  For those attending the Reading Trade Show at Rivermead on 3 Dec please NOTE that because of an apparent double- booking the date has now been changed to the folllowing Saturday i.e: 10/12/16 - details at: www.



Updated 19/10/16


After a number delays and false starts i.e. mostly everyday commitments: work, exhibtions, home and a multitude of other things etc - nothwithstanding badly- worded website builder instructions (!) - the new website is gradually beginning to take shape.  


This is all going to take time. Nevertheless, these are early days and there is still an awful lot of work (plus fine-tuning) that remains to be done. 


We have commenced listing stock starting with new books i.e. new arrivals and publications. That itself is a reasonably straightforward job. but the only caveat to that must be added is that the stock changes rapidly - especially after an exhibition! Nevertheless, it is intended to make regular updates.


After listing the new books attention must turn to the out-of-print titles- but that is another matter altogether. There are many and it is very time-consuming job!


For the remainder of the year the exhibitions to be attended are:


                                                         29 Oct: Seaford


                                                                           05 Nov: Angmering, West Sussex


                                                        26/27 Nov: NEC Birmingham -the big one!


                                      03 Dec: Originally Rivermead, Reading but see below... 


                                                        10 Dec:  Amended date. Rivermead, Reading



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