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Producers and titles both listed alphabetically


Selection of items in stock include:



Chandos Television


Ref: D329. Artic Power. Features Ontario Northland Railway filmed circa 2006.

Travel in the cab of an SD75i over the Temagami Sub and experience the arctic

conditions through this picturesque part of Ontario. 65 mins. Colour. Narration  

                                                                                                                   Price: £20.00 


C Vision


Ref: D416. Iowa, Chicago & Eastern. Vol 1. Illinois. Sold by CP in 2009. Beginning

at the Belt Railway in Chicago we then head westwards towards Savanna, Illinois.

                                                                             113 mins. Colour. Narration  Price: £21.00


Ref: D377. Newcastle. Coal mining area in Wyoming on BNSF's Black Hills Division.

Heavy coal traffic featured with some footage taken from BN days circa 1990-1994. More

recent footage taken in 2006/7 when BNSF. 117 mins. Colour Narration  Price: £21.00 


Ref: D373.  Newport. Located south-east of St Paul and filmed circa 2008. A busy location

with BNSF, CP, IC&E , Norfolk Southern, CN traffic and more. 120 mins. Colour. Narration



Ref: D374. Windy City Rails. Vol 1. Tower B-12 and Turner Junction.  At Tower B-12  See CP,

Metro, Indiana Harbor Belt, CN. Also filmed in 2006 at Turner Junction were numerous UP

freights along with Metro activity. 105 mins. Colour. Narration  Price: £21.00


Ref: D360. Windy City Rails. Vol. 2. Stateline & Jay Tower. Stateline features over 100 trains

per day and filmed circa 2007. Traffic from CSX, Norfolk Southern and Indiana Harbor Belt.

Jay Tower is the crossing point for Elgin, Juliet & Eastern, UP and CSX. 118 mins.

                                                                                                       Colour. Narration  Price: £21.00 


Ref: D375.Windy City Rails. Vol 3. Blue Island Junction. Blue Island is a multiple mainline

crossing filmed circa 2008. Much activity from Indiana Harbor Belt, CSX, CN and Metro. Also,

pool power from CP, UP and BNSF. 113 mins. Colour. Narration.  Price: £21.00


Ref: D376. Windy City Rails. Vol 4. BNSF's triple track on the Aurora Sub. One of the

busiest main lines in the Chicago area filmed circa 2008. Plenty of action i.e intermodal,

coal, merchandise traffic from UP, CN, BNSF and Metro. 112 mins. Colour. Narration

                                                                                                                              Price: £21.00 



Donner Rails


Ref: D313. A Cab Ride over Donner Pass. Climb aboard an EMD60M hauling

a manifest freight from Roseville to Sparks, Nevada heading up 2.5% grades

over the Sierras. 4HRS. Colour. Narration  Price: £21.00


Ref: D312. Flanger Cab Ride. With an average annual snowfall of 35 feet, there is a

constant need to keep the Donner Pass open to rail traffic. Experience the view from

the lead unit of a flanger train during clearance operations. 120 mins. Colour.

                                                                                                            Narration  Price: £21.00


Ref: D311. Winter Rails over Donner. Night of the Flanger.  Over three years in the

making, a history of the battle of snow clearance on the mountain is followed by

present day footage of the blizzard conditions encountered. 60 mins. Colour,

                                                                                                            Narration  Price: £21.00



Green Frog Productions


Ref: D135. BNSF. The Columbia River Route. Spokane to Portland. Crossing the

Columbia River at Pasco and filmed circa 2003. Then through the Columbia River

Gorge and much more. 85 mins. Colour. Hi-Fi Sound. Narration. Price: £21.00


Ref: D303. Norfolk Southern -Vol 1. Georgia Division from Altoona - Chattanooga. 

Starting with Atlanta's Inman Yard - NS's biggest intermodal yard and filmed circa

2005.Then through mountain grades featuring UP, Conrail, KCS and SP

 power. See Autoracks, double- stacks, roadrailers, heavy coal trains and much

more. 60 mins. Colour. Chapter Search. Narration  Price: £20.00


Ref: D304. Norfolk Southern- Vol 2. The Kentucky Division. Follows action

between Debutts Yard in Chattanooga to a crew change at Oakdale and filmed

circa 2005.Also includes steep grades, sharp curves and heavily wooded

scenery. 60 Mins. Colour. Chapter Search. Narration  Price: £20.00. 


Ref: D305. Norfolk Southern -Vol. 3. Deeper into the Rathole. From Oakdale,

Tennessee to Kentucky. and filmed circa 2005. Busy main line action. Also

 features a  visit to connecting Kentucky & Tennessee Railway an old time

 shortine. 555 Mins. 60 mins. Colour. Chapter Search. Narration  Price: £20.00


Ref: D307. Norfolk Southern -Vol 5. Part 2- Tracks of the old Norfolk & Western. The

Pocahontas Division.  Through the coal mountains of West Virginia to Williamson yard facility

and car shops and filmed circa 2005. Then continuing to the Ohio River at Kenova. 

50 mins. Colour. Chapter Search. Narration  Price: £20.00



Highball Productions



Ref: D413. Badlands Coal.  BNSF's Dickinson Sub filmed circa 2010. Mostly unit coal trains

from the Powder River with varied motive power. 90 mins. Colour. Narration  Price: £21.00


Ref: D409. Cajon Pass Cab Ride. Ride over Cajon Pass circa 1998 on board a

BNSF C44-9W. 115 mins. Colour. Narration  Price: £21.00


D411. Canyon Sub. The Feather River Canyon. Follow UP and BNSF through spectacular

scenery and filmed circa 2009. Includes famous locations such as Serpentine Canyon,

Pulga, Keddie and Rock Creek. 90 mins. Colour. Narration  Price: £21.00


Ref: D372. Deshler, Ohio. Crossing of the CSX north-south Toledo to Cincinnati line

with the Chicago line. Lots of action. 90 mins. Colour. Narration  Price: £20.00


Ref: D357. Galesburg, Illinois. One of the busiest railroad towns in Illinois with up to

140 trains a day- mostly intermodal. Filmed in 2006. Features hump yard and dispatches many

trains over seven routes 110 Mins. Colour. Narration  Price: £20.00


Ref: D166.Highball over Cajon. Heavy freight with UP and BNSF filmed circa '98 in the scenic

splendour of Cajon Pass. 90 mins. Colour. Narration  Price: £17.00 


Ref: D317. Highball over Cajon 2. Sequence to D166. Plenty of action from UP and BNSF filmed

circa 2001 and 2005. Features Sullivans Curve, Mormon Rocks, Alray, The Hill, Silverwood,

Summit and Frost. 120 mins. Colour. Narration  Price: £17.00


Ref: D414.  Highball over Tehachapi 2.    One of the seven railroad wonders of the world

filmed circa 2010. UP and BNSF trains loop themselves to gain height when crossing the

Tehachapi Mountains. 105 mins. Colour. Narration  Price: £21.00



Ref: D393. Hot Spots. Fullerton. South East of Los Angeles and.Filmed circa 2008. Freight traffic

from BNSF plus Metrolink commuter trains and Amtrak Surfliners. 75 mins. Colour.

                                                                                                        Narration  Price: £21.00


Ref: D406. Hot Spots. Hershey. On UP's quadruple track east of O' Fallons, Nebraska and filmed

circa 2009.The busiest place for freight railroad action in the world! Up to 140 trains a day.

                                                                                105 mins. Colour. No narration  Price: £21.00



Ref: D309. Hot Spots. Willard.  Busy Ohio CSX yard on former B& O mainline filmed circa 2005. Lots

of action including UP, BNSF, CN and Wheeling & Lake Erie 105 Mins. Colour. Narration  Price £20.00 


Ref: D420. Jake's Railroad. The Copper Basin.  Jake's Railroad is in Arizona's Copper Basin and

was filmed circa 2010.  'Jake' Jacobson is the president and CEO. Trains haul copper from the

massive mine at Ray to the plant at Winkleman 60 mins. Colour. Narration  Price: £21.00


Ref: D380. Marshall Canyon. Located in Washington State and filmed circa 2008. A meeting point

of three railroads: BNSF, UP and CP. 105 mins. Colour. Narration  Price: £21.00


Ref: D281. Norfolk Southern Beyond Horseshoe. F           Featuring the former Pennsy route between

Altoona and Conpit Junction. Filmed circa 2003. Triple track heavy - duty railroading. Featuring

Horseshoe Curve and much more. 120 mins. Colour. Hi-Fi Sound..Narration  Price: £21.00 


Ref: D425. Prairie Coal. BNSF's Jamestown Sub. Traffic mainly coal  to and from the Powder

River. Filmed circa 2010 and mixed motive power i.e SD70Ms, SD70ACe's and Gevo's.

                                                                                 90 mins. Colour. Narration  Price: £21.00


Ref: D424.Previews 2.  Produced circa 2010. Previews beginning with Hot Spots 16-25 and

then footage from many of Highball's earlier releases mostly in the USA but Australia

and India .140 mins. Colour. No narration  Price: £14.00


Re: D412. Rails around the Metroplex. Trains around Fort Worth and Dallas filmed circa

2009. Action from UP, BNSF, TRE, DART, DFW&W, DGW and Amtrak. 120 min. Colour.

                                                                                                                 Narration  Price: £21.00


Ref: D.290. Sand Hills Sub.  Nebraska and  BNSF country filmed circa 2004. Featuring many coal

trains, manifests and intermodals some with brand new AC44s. 90 mins. Hi-Fi Sound,

Narration  Price: £21.00


Ref: D135. Stacks & Semaphores. Surviving semaphore signals filmed circa '96 on the former

SP Route in New Mexico circa '96. Much heavy freight. 80 mins. Colour. Narration  Price: £21.00


Ref: D415. Tehachapi Cab Ride. Travel in the cab from Bakersfield to Barstow. Filmed circa

1998. Eight units provide the power and footage includes many roving camera shots around

the loop.  .2 HRS 17 min. Colour. No narration  Price: £21.00



Ref: D265. Tucson Arizona. Davidson Canyon filmed circa Nov. 2000 and May 2002. Plenty of

UP action.60 mins. Colour. Hi-Fi Sound. Narration  Price: £20.00


Ref: D383. Winter on the Arizona Divide. Heavy snow and railroad action filmed circa 2008.

Features locations such as Seligman Sub, Williams Junc, Double Dea and Eagle Nest.

                                                                                    90 mins. Colour. Narration  Price: £21.00 


Ref: D 263. Winter on Marias Pass.  Mostly BNSF action filmed circa Jan 2002 between Blackfoot

and West Glacier in conditions ranging from sunshine to heavy snow105 mins. Colour.

                                                                                           Hi-Fi Sound. Narration  Price: £20.00




Across the Heartland & Countdown to the Merger.  Filmed just prior to the BN and SF merger

circa 1995. 'Across the Heartland' features Santa Fe's Chillicothe Subdivision   and 'Countdown

to Merger' features Santa Fe's Marceline's Subdivision. 2 HRS 49 mins. Colour. Stereo sound.

                                                                                                                          Narration  Price: £21.00 


Amtrak across America. Filmed circa 1993. Filmed circa 1993. Features Amtrak's 25th

Anniversary. Archive footage onwards also featuring Southwest Chief, Coast Starlight,

Empire Builder etc and Amtrak's X2000 demonstration. IHR. Colour. Stereo sound.

                                                                                                         Narration  Price: £21.00


At the Throttle. Cab Ride. Vol 1. The San Bernardino Subdivision. Los Angeles to

San Bernardino. Filmed circa 2008. Features cab view fromBNSF intermodal

travelling between Hobart Yard, Los Angeles and the city of San Bernardino

a distance of 65 miles. 2 HRS 27 Mins. Colour. Stereo sound. Narration  Price: £21.00


At the Throttle. Cab Ride. Vol 2. The Cajon Subdivision. Devore to Barstow. 

Filmed circa 2008. Features cab view from the lead unit of BNSF train departing                                                             Devore, past Summit and across the desert to Barstow a distance of 70 miles.

1HR 50 Min. Colour. Stereo sound. Narration  Price £21.00


At the Throttle. Cab Ride. Vol 3. Train meets.   Filmed circa 2008. Camera mounted on

lead loco of BNSF train through Southern California past freight, commuter and

passenger trains on the locations such as Alameda Corridor, BNSF's 

San Bernardino and Cajon Subdivisions. 1HR 30 Min. Colour. Stereo sound.

                                                                                                                 Narration  Price: £21.00 


At the Throttle. Cab Ride. Vol 4. The Alameda Corridor. Filmed circa 2008Ride a

BNSF doublestack train on the Alameda Corridor from Hobart Yard Los Angeles to the

port of Long Beach and back again. 2 HRS 16 Min. Colour. Stereo sound.

                                                                                                                Narration  Price: £21.00


At the Throttle. Cab Ride. Vol 5. The Surfline. Filmed circa 2010. Camera mounted in

cabs of several BNSF locomotives travelling along Southern California's scenic line

between San Diego and southern Orange Counties. 1 HR 30 Min. Colour.

                                                                                   Stereo sound. Narration  Price: £21.00


7idea Productions


BNSF's Gateway Sub. Klamath Falls to the Famous Keddie Wye. Filmed circa 2009. 

BNSF Railway's Gateway Subdivision stretches 203 miles between Klamath Falls,

Oregon and Keddie, California and meets UP's route through the Feather River Canyon

at the well-known Keddie Wye. 1HR 52Min. Stereo sound. Narration  Price: £21.00






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