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Morning Sun Books


NOTE: Prices had to be increased due to the low Pound /Dollar exchange rate and ever-increasing freight charges which are reflected in the prices charged to us by wholesalers and has a knock-on effect..Therefore, hardback books are now almost £50 per copy.


However, as a concession, we are prepared to restrict postage and packing charges to £2.50 per book in the UK although it must be emphasised that courier and overseas postal rates are chargeable at cost.



Supplies of each title are limited but those currently in stock include:


Burlington Northern. Vol 1. The Urge to Merge. Author: Boyd. Price:  £49.95


Burlington Northern Power. Vol 1. Locomotives Nos 1-2999. Author: Timko. Price: £49.95

Conrail Atlantic Region. Vol. 2. 1979-1981. Author: Erdman. Price: £49.95


Indiana Harbor. Authors: Beck & Gustason. Price: £49.95


norfolk Southern In Color. Vol 1: 1982-1999. Author: Plant. Price: £49.95


Norfolk Southern Heritage. Authors; Plant & Plant. Price: £49.95


Piggyback Color Guide. Vol 2. I-X. Author: Kinkaid. Price; £49.95


Prairie Depots. Vol 1. Great Northern. MP, T&P etc. Author; Hickox. Price: £49.95 


Santa Fe Facilities. Vol 2. Branches. Author: Stagner. Price: £49.95


West Florida Rails. Vol 2. 1970-1987. Author; Pinkepank. Price: £49.95



Westlake Publishing


Reduced to clear: Originally £20.00 per copy


Logging, Mining & Industrial Annual. Spring 2011. Prototype: Argent

Lumber Co - photos and plan. Modelling: Dickson Works 0-4-0,

1930s machine shop, Gerlinger Lumber carrier and more 

Soft cover. Mostly colour. 114 pages Price £16.00


Modelers Annual. Winter 2014. Includes articles on styrene to

wood modelling, various dioramas, scenery construction and more..

Soft cover. Colour. 114 pages Price £16.00,


Narrow Gauge Annual. Summer 2013. Prototype and modelling. Covers

D&RGW Fourth Division, East Broad Cabooses, modelling both early

D&RGW boxcars and East Broad Top Cabooses and more. 

Soft cover. Colour / B&W. 114 pages  Price £16.00



SPV's Railroad Atlases of North America


Arizona & New Mexico  Price; £15.95


California & Nevada  Price: £16.50


Colorado & Utah  Price: £16.50


Dakotas & Minnesota  Price: £15.95


Great Lakes East  Price: £15.95


Great Lakes West  Price: £15.95


Manitoba & Saskatchewan  Price: 16.50


Mountain Plains  Price: £15.95


New England & Maritime Canada  Price: £16.50


Ontario  Price: £16.50


Prairies East and Ozarks  Price: £15.95


Prairies West  Price: £15.95


Quebec & Labrador + Newfoundland  Price: £16.50


Southeast  Price: £15.95


Southern States: Louisiana,

         Mississippi& Alabama  Price: £15.95


Texas  Price: £15.95


Western Canada  Price: £16.50





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