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Our business primarily consists of selling good quality books on all aspects of railways both in the UK and overseas (particularly the U.S.) with a need for a constant supply of new material to satisfy market demand.


Please note...


We try to avoid what appears to be the norm of having, say, X thousand books in stock which not only take up a considerable amount of space but also possibly results in many duplications and means that monies better spent elsewhere are often tied-up for a considerable period of time -possibly even years!


Therefore, taking these matters into account and in order to avoid being overwhelmed, from experience  it has proved necessary to adopt the policy of placing the emphasis more on the turnover of fast-moving quality publications. 


Additionally, when taking into account both distance and cost factors,  we are normally prepared to travel within the Sussex, Surrey and Kent areas. Therefore, if resident in these areas and with a collection to sell then please contact us by forwarding details in either:


!). The main text of an e-mail,


2). As an e-mail attachment in PDF format, or


3). By post.




Primarily, for ease of reference the information below is divided into two subsections i.e:


1). Material required on the following subjects, and


2). What we don't need


.                                            ..............................


1). Material required on the following subjects:


Locomotives, rolling stock, Regional histories, signalling, civil engineering, standard gauge, narrow gauge, industrial, infrastructure, maps, military, technical aspects and miscellanea principally by the following publishers:


Irwell Press, Capital Transport, Lightmoor Press, Middleton Press, OPC, RCTS, Southern Way, Wild Swan


We also require:

Books on tramways, Buses and maritime subjects, timetables (pre-1970) both UK and Overseas, Bradshaws, Working Timetables (WTTs) etc


Periodicals: Great Western Journal, Model Railway Journal, BRI & Bylines, British Railway Journal,

                   LMS Journal, Midland Record, Archive, Railway Archive, 

                   Postcards (standard format) and good quality images.




2). What we don't want... of questionable quality or normally very slow sellers


Books published by Ian Allan, Alan Sutton Publishing, BBC Publications, WH Smith, M&S, Patrick Stephens Ltd (PSL), cheap paperbacks, ex-library books etc etc.


These are usually either mass-market, of questionable quality (or both!) and with minimal resaleable value on the secondary market.


Neither do we require:

Second-hand DVDs or Videos, Preservation Guides & Stocklists, Spotters books with entries underlined, anything in tatty or thumbed condition and PLEASE no material on 'Flying Scotsman'!






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