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Overview of stock


General information

We try to avoid what appears to be the norm of having, say, X thousand books in stock that not only take up a considerable amount of space but also possibly result in many duplications and mean that monies better spent elsewhere are often tied-up for a considerable period of time- possibly even years! The emphasis is placed more on the turnover of fast-moving quality publications.   




Our principal stock: We stock an ever-increasing range of both new and out-of-print railway titles relating to both prototype and modelling subjects in the UK and overseas including the USA. Subject matters include main lines, branch lines, narrow gauge, underground and industrial systems.



Some UK titles and a number of  US titles- the latter are mainly Kalmbach and Westlake Publications 


Buses and Trams

An ever-changing selection of mainly new books



At the present time a relatively small stock of mainly new books about merchant and coastal shipping.



We also have an ever-changing selection of quality periodicals relating to prototype and modelling subject matters.


These run into many hundreds of copies, almost all are loose, too numerous to mention individually and the stock changes rapidly.


Titles include: 


 UK: Model Railway Journal -most issues between 0 -and 200 , Great Western Journal, British Railways Illustrated, Bylines, British Railway Journal etc.   


USA: The majority of these are wholesalers surplus copies and virtually as new. Titles often include: Diesel Era, Classic Trains and occasionally Narrow Gauge and Shortline Gazette, Railfan and Railroad, Railroad Model Craftsman etc  


In addition, we also have a number of bound copies of Railway Magazine from 1924 onwards which it is intended to list separately when the opportunity arises.



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